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Diara VONG

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Job seeker: VONG
Title: Diara VONG
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Telephone: 0033664925786
Location: Phnom Penh
Education: MBA in Banking and Stock Exchange

Graduated with the Master's Degree in Banking and Stock Exchange from CLUBB (Centre Lyonnais Universitaire de Banque et Bourse) from IAE Lyon School of Management valorized by more than 5-year professional experience in post-trading activities acquired in the Back / Middle Office of prestigious Investment Banks in Paris, I wish to apply for a position as a Consultant in Finance in Cambodia to share my experience.

Open minded and sensitive with the climate change, the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and the wellbeing of Humans in Cambodia, I have involved in the project CAMBODIA ASEAN COP21 so as to accompany Cambodia in change management.

With the support of France, European Union, United States, Asean Countries, Countries of Asia Pacific, the United Nations, with the sponsorship of the United Nation Secretary, Sir Ban Ki-Moon, the Paris Annual Climate Change Conference which was held in Paris from 30/11/2015 to 12/12/2015 was concluded with the signature of 177 countries in New York on 22/04/2016.

In parallel of that, I also bring my experience in Khmer Geopolitics and Economy in the project of migration of Cambodia in ASEAN by the end of 2015.

As a French with fluent Khmer English spoken with basis level in German and Japanese, I appreciate working in international environment with team spirit.

Available, I will be very delighted to bring my expertise as a Consultant in Banking and Stock Exchange or in Management Science to accompany Cambodia in Change Management with the project CAMBODIA ASEAN COP21.

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