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We are responsible for providing human capital management advisory services to businesses. Helps companies develop and communicate policies, train employees, and implement a recruitment process.


  • Advise companies on best human capital management practices.
  • Helps clients strategically integrate effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations
  • Perform internal reviews and audit of current systems and policies.
  • Perform quality assurance checks.
  • Deliver surveys to employees.
  • Conduct investigations and research into reclassification and classification.
  • Match job seekers to employers.
  • Ensure business practices are in accordance with human resource policies and labor laws.
  • Help train managers and HR employees.
  • Provide company with updated salary and job description information.
  • Help implement applicant tracking systems.
  • Provide consultation and guidance to senior management and organizational partners in the interpretation of human resource management policies, procedures, programs and application of related government laws and regulations.
  • Lead HR-related projects.
  • Provide advice on discipline process, conduct disciplinary review conferences and advise on appropriate outcomes.
  • Develop employee restructuring plans.
  • Devise severance packages.
  • Participate in the design, development and implementation of innovative workforce retention programs.
  • Provide review and approval of requests for reduction-in-force, reorganizations/realignments.

    HR Heart Reccruitment

  - Recruitment Agency

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