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# Job title Location Expiry date Employer
1 Human Resource Officer Phnom Penh  2018-02-26... KARANAK KOI CA...
2 Project Supervisor Phnom Penh  2018-02-27... KARANAK KOI CA...
3 Accountant Phnom Penh  2018-02-28... KARANAK KOI CA...
4 Service Crew Phnom Penh  2018-02-15... KARANAK KOI CA...
5 Marketing Supervisor Phnom Penh  2018-01-29... KARANAK KOI CA...
6 Equipment Maintenance Manager Phnom Penh  2018-02-09... Circle K Cambo...
7 Account Payable (Chinese required) - Very Urgent Phnom Penh  2018-02-13... Circle K Cambo...
8 Financial MIS Officer Phnom Penh  2018-02-20... PRASAC MFI
9 IT and E-Banking Helpdesk Officer Phnom Penh  2018-01-22... PRASAC MFI
10 Customer Service (300$ - 500$) Phnom Penh  2018-02-06... Opennet
11 ភ្នាក់ងារលក់អ៊ីនធើណេត (200$ - 500$) Phnom Penh  2018-02-04... Opennet
12 Sales Manager (450$ - 1000$) Phnom Penh  2018-02-03... Opennet
13 Receptionist (250$ - 450$) Phnom Penh  2018-02-02... Opennet
14 Quality Assurance (250$ - 450$) Phnom Penh  2018-02-01... Opennet
15 Senior Sale Executive Phnom Penh  2018-01-31... Opennet
16 Card and E-Payment Security Officer Phnom Penh  2018-02-12... ABA Bank
17 Client Acquisition Officer (140 Posts) Phnom Penh  2018-02-11... ABA Bank
18 Teller Supervisor Phnom Penh  2018-02-04... ABA Bank
19 iOS/iPhone developer Phnom Penh  2018-02-27... Sompom Studio ...
20 Teacher for Toddler Class Phnom Penh  2018-01-31... The Australian...
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Math and general ed teacher
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Quality Assurance Auditor
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