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Quality Assurance Auditor

General details

Job seeker: Md Moniruzzaman (Monir)
Title: Quality Assurance Auditor
Photo: photo

Resume details

Telephone: +85587455715
Address: Veng Sreng (St.), Trapeang Thlong Village, 12405, Phnom Penh.
Location: Phnom Penh
Education: Bachelor Degree (BBA)

More than 7 years experience in apparel industry. Certified Quality Auditor from Polo Ralph Lauren and Gap Inc. (Old Navy). Well known with Quality responsibilities and quality issue. Able to work under pressure.

Looking for new opportunity to gather more experience within garments industry. I strongly believe "A job is not only a job, It is who I am."

Created date: 2015-09-29 09:32:23
Uploaded cv: thumbnailMd Moniruzzaman.pdf
Published: Yes
Approved: Yes
ID: 290
Is Featured: No

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